Top 10 Waterfalls to Visit in Nigeria

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Nigeria is blessed with many amazing and breath-taking waterfalls; some consisting of limpid waters plunging down high and steep cliffs of smoothened rock faces, while some are made up of multiple cascades of fresh waters forming a stepwise configuration along a single river course, and others consist of smaller volume of fresh but cool spring waters cruising down vertical piles of gorgeously crafted stone blocks, surrounded by verdant foliage of the Nigerian rain forest.

We hereby present you with top 10 must-visit waterfalls in Nigeria:


1. Farin Ruwa Waterfalls


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The waters of Farin Ruwa vaults off a cliff edge and descends the steep slopes of a mountainous escarpment and the roar of its cascade breaks the pristine air, welcoming tourists to the magnificent home of the most beautiful waterfall in Nigeria.

The name “Farin Ruwa” translates as “White waters” in Hausa language, which suggests the typical natural beauty exuded by the waterfalls. The clean, crystal clear showers, which is often regarded as sacred by the locals, can be seen hitting the foot rocks of towering granite hills, blowing a cloud of water vapour at its plunge pool. Standing upon the polished brown-toned rocks paving the foot-slopes and looking up to the lip of the falls about 150m high, its awe and grandeur engulf one’s mind. The waterfall marks the south-western drop-off of Jos Plateau and it also marks the boundary between Bokkos and Wamba local council of Plateau and Nassarawa States respectively. Its limpid waters spring from Bokkos area (Plateau state), winds through rugged terrains of granitic and volcanic rocks; and descends a scarp face 150m high to continue its tortuous journey down the Benue trough… read on



2. Olumirin Waterfalls

Olumirin Erin Ijesa waterfalls_Naijatreks

Upon the dip of the gigantic Effon ridge, plummets a spotless river which drops through seven distinct cascades. The walls of the massive rock cleft through which the water flows is rugged in verdant colours, and although in the daytime the cleft is as dark as the night, the gracious vegetal canopies jutting out above allows some sunrays to penetrate, casting a subtle blue-green tone upon the vestal showers of Olumirin Waterfalls.

The awe-inspiring falls, also known as “Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls” is an assemblage of seven distinct waterfalls, located on the south western slopes of the lush Effon Ridge, in Erin-Ijesha town, Osun state, south-western Nigeria. The gigantic Ridge constitutes a conspicuous eye-catcher for every traveler along the Ilesa-Akure expressway, as it towers into the skyline, forming a spectacular backrest for the sleepy towns of Erin-Oke, Erin-Ijesha and Erinmo. The people of Erin-Ijesa believe that the waterfalls exude from a big pot located at the top of the ridge. The waterfalls have great potentials for rock climbing… read on.



3. Agbokim Waterfalls

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The multiple lateral cascades of Agbokim Waterfalls is located about 315km from Calabar, Cross- River State capital city, and is about 17km from Ikom which is the nearest village, in the Etung L.G.A of the State. However, the location of the waterfall is very close to the Nigerian-Cameroon border which also added to its significance. Although it is far from the Calabar, the waterfall keep receiving and enjoying a load of tourist attention all the year round. See a beautiful and amusing pidgin poem about Agbokim falls here.



4. Gurara Waterfalls

Gurara Falls_Naijatreks

The enchanting Gurara Waterfalls is located about 3km off the Minna-Suleja road, coasting down a ruggedly-cut wide cliff of brown-toned metamorphic rocks. The showers descend to a beautiful plunge pool of ice-cold waters, suitable for swimming and fishing activities. The river itself is noted to have great potentials for sport fishing and wildlife viewing. It has also been said that there’s an area, down the river channel where one can find crocodiles living in their natural habitat.. read on.



5. Awhum Waterfalls

Awhum Waterfalls_Naijatreks

Awhum Community, the host of the marvelous cascades of Awhum Falls is a thirty-minute drive from Enugu, capital city of Enugu State in eastern Nigeria; where the road snakes through a stretch of steep sided and picturesque hills which had been dissected in different parts by stream channels and has exposed extensive coal beds at its valley floors. The hills jut to the skies on both sides of the Enugu-9th Mile express road, and with lush carpets of vegetation it enshrouds its slopes and mask its lithologies of sandstone, shale and limestone. At Awhum community, an old Catholic Monastry guards the waterfalls, keeping it safe from intruders. The waterfalls consist of multiple cascades plunging into a tight but long limestone cave tunnel at the bottom of a deep valley… read on.



6. Assop Waterfalls

Assp falls_Naijatreks

Assop Falls is perhaps, one of the most popular tourist attractions on Jos Plateau, north-central Nigeria. The falls is noted to rest on the edge of the plateau, and is located about 64 km from Jos city, along the Jos-Abuja road. Assop falls is a popular tourist stop for picnicking, swimming, bird veiwing and sight seeing.



7. Arinta Falls

Arinta Waterfalls_Naijatreks

In Ekiti State, southwest Nigeria, boulders of quartzite dot the foot slopes, glistening in the excited mid-day sun. Thick forests loom above, kissing the sun-charred skies at a verdant skyline. A smooth and well-tarred road leads from the ancient Ipole-Iloro village, down to the magnificent Arinta Waterfalls. The waterfalls is nested on Effon Ridge, right on the opposite slope of the ridge on which Olumirin Falls lies. It is amazing to note that the Arinta Falls has seven distinct cascades, forming individual stages along the course of the river that formed the falls. Most visitors to the nearby Ikogosi Warm Spring often drive down to Arinta Falls to have a quick bath in the ice-cold showers…read on.



8. Ngwo Waterfall

Ngwo Falls_Naijatreks

Spotlessness dissolves into elusiveness as the stainless plunge of a river is swallowed in the belly of a stygian cave, hidden away in the pocket of a deep gorge incised on the slopes of Miliken Hill, located in the ancient coal city of Enugu, Enugu State in eastern Nigeria. On Miliken Hill, the foot path leading down into the gorge snakes through a large Pine Forest in Ngwo community, giving the tourist a beautiful view of the Iva Valley as well the entire Enugu Metropolis. The beauty of the waterfall is further accentuated by the large limestone cave into which it plunges, forming a beautiful plunge pool suitable for swimming activities in the rain season. The falls has a similar appearance as the Awhum Waterfalls which is just some kilometers away, in that it also flows into a limestone cave…read on.

9. Kwa Waterfalls

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The awe-inspiring plunge of the Kwa Fallsdescends through a wide vertical gash on a cliff cutting-across the Great Kwa River channel (also called Kwa Ibo River or Kwa River), which flows gracefully through Cross River State, south-eastern Nigeria, draining the east side of the beautiful city of Calabar. The river is said to emanate in the Oban Hills, in the Cross River National Park, and flows southwards to the Cross River estuary. All the year round, tourists and visitors at Calabar keeps trooping down to the the Kwa Falls for its amazing sight.



10. Obudu Waterfall

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This seemingly ‘small’ waterfall, located in the verdant forests of Obudu Mountain, eastern Nigeria, has attained a pedestal of popularity due to its proximity to Obudu Cattle Ranch resort- the most attractive resort in Nigeria at the moment. The waterfall gives visitors a lovely set for photo shoots and picnicking and is one of the popular attractions at the mountain resort.

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delejiye@yahoo.co.uk' AshdaddyJuly 19, 2014 at 5:37 pmReply

Hmmm… lovely…I should visit some of these.

duduogie@gmail.com' TimoJuly 26, 2014 at 6:30 pmReply

Lovely waterfalls. So sad I don’t even know all these places, and I dey live for this Naija o. Chai see my life! hahaha

olafalade2013@gmail.com' Ola FaladeMarch 23, 2015 at 10:26 pmReply

Dear Mr Kolawole,
Thanks for the information provided on this particular tourist attraction. Incidentally I hail from from Erin-Oke, the neighbouring sister community of Erin-Ijesha but know vey little of the natural geological beauty. I last visited the site in the early 70s when on holidays at my grandparents’. I have since lived and worked (still do) outside SW. My 7 yearr-old gave a presentation on this waterfalls at his school and actually knows more about the history than I do!! Thanks immensely to people like you and your blog that made the research easier for him. I appreciate you and I hope to contribute my bits to the development of this tourist attraction when I am retired. Bravo, and please keep the flag flying.

Ola Falade

If you may permit me to add, the local name for the Waterfalls is OLUMIRIN, meaning ‘another god’ or deity in the local dialect – given by the community at the awesomeness of the falls.


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Pls I wnt to know If there Is any place in nigeria dat has black water falls or a situation where a black water meets with clean water

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Great work sir but this wasnt complete without owu waterfall