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Explore Nigeria with Naijatreks

With over ten years of exploring Nigeria, Naijatreks Travel Team has been able to acquire a vast knowledge of the environment, culture, routes and numerous great tourist attractions worth experiencing in a life time.

This knowledge has also afforded us the opportunity to discover new ways of managing travel costs across Nigeria, while maintaining an amazing get-away experience for our clients. This is the reason why we have been able to offer great tour packages across Nigeria at very affordable prices… Read More

Explore Nigeria with Naijatreks
Explore Nigeria with Naijatreks
Explore Nigeria with NaijatreksExplore Nigeria with Naijatreks
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At Idanre, one is confronted by stupefying vistas of the surrounding inselberg landscape bedecked with an enigmatic skyline of jagged peaks held in place by gigantic mountains smeared in glossy sheens of grey and silver- a cluster of intriguing inselbergs, towering high into the skies at the distant horizon. They are none but the magnificent Idanre Hills....
Many rocks I’ve climbed, many hills I’ve conquered, ancient dwellings I have seen, many caves I’ve entered, but none like the magnificent rocks of Olumo… a bastion of massive granite, soaring high and proud into the ice-blue skies, smiling and glimmering upon the Ogun River and the ancient town of Abeokuta, south-western Nigeria.
Another big creek swell came up fast and silent, morning sunlight dancing in the skies flashed on its face. Rolling fast to my left, it lifted and dropped my eight-foot dugout canoe with the smooth motions of an elevator. I heaved a loud sigh and amidst the multitude of bird chatter around us, my two local guides at both ends of the canoe heard me and laughed. I smiled and shook my head, marvelling at how quickly they adjusted their oars and steered against the galloping waters.
A mountain of blue-clad clouds sat in the sunny skies, the statue of Asodeboyede- the grandson of Oduduwa stood ready for battle before the ancient Oba’s Palace of Akure land, while a labyrinth of obfuscating sewers lies beneath it. The heavens open and spew out torrents of rain water upon the land; and though for…
So amazing it is to know that there is a place in Nigeria where exists the largest population of twins in the world. This place is Igbo-ora, small village in Oyo State, south-west Nigeria, more twins are born in Igbo-Ora than anywhere else on earth and that there are just few households who do not...
Where the sun dances along the skies as fingers of its light pierced through the air and race to the earth and the distant skyline blows up in shades of vivid blue hues as the sea kisses and melts into the clouds and the raging waters run towards the West-African coast in multiple waves and break into series of silvery foams as they crash upon the sun-tanned sands of the beaches.