Welcome to the most beautiful waterfalls in Nigeria- The Farin Ruwa Waterfalls

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Picture Source: skyscrapercity.com

At the distant skyline, thirty kilometres away from Wamba village, a spray of white smoke vaults off a cliff edge and descends the steep slopes of a mountainous escarpment, as the roar of its cascade breaks the pristine air, welcoming tourists to the magnificent home of the most beautiful waterfall in Nigeria- the Farin Ruwa Waterfalls.

The name “Farin Ruwa” translates as “White waters” in Hausa language, which suggests the typical natural beauty exuded by the waterfalls. The clean, crystal clear showers, which is often regarded as sacred by the locals, can be seen hitting the foot rocks of towering granite hills, blowing a cloud of water vapour at its plunge pool.

This is undeniably one of the most irresistible sights in Nigeria. Standing on the polished brown-coloured rocks paving its foot-slopes and looking up to its crest about 150m high, its awe and grandeur engulfs one’s mind in thoughts of admiration and respect for a creative God. The waterfall marks the south-western drop-off of Jos Plateau and it also marks the boundary between Bokkos and Wamba local council of Plateau and Nassarawa States respectively. Its limpid waters spring from Bokkos area (Plateau state), winds through rugged terrains of granitic and volcanic rocks; and descends a scarp face 150m high to continue its tortuous journey down the Benue trough.

The falls is located in an area of heavy rainfall due to the mountainous nature of the area. The escarpment forces moisture-bearing winds to rise and deposit their moisture content on the mountains. This has given the Farin Ruwa falls an almost constant volume of water supply during the rainy season in central Nigeria beginning from March–November. The decrease in the volume of water of the falls is noticed during the dry season of Nigeria which occurs from December–March.But the decrease is for a short while as the falls regains its normal water volume when the rainy season begins.

According to history, Farin Ruwa Fall was discovered by the then British colonial masters of Nigeria in the 1950s. A Rest House was established in Gur Hill at Marhai village not too far away from the fall in order to exploit it commercially. To protect its rich heritage, the colonial administration also gazetted it and named it Marhai Forest Reserve. However, over the years, Farin Ruwa was relegated to obscurity until the creation of Nassarawa State in 1996.

Picture Source: skyscrapercity.com

- A beautiful river flowing from the plunge pool of the waterfalls…



- Farin Ruwa Waterfalls from 8km away. Not ice the small white mark on the distant hills at the centre of the picture. That’s Farin Ruwa Falls!


www.naijatreks.com- Mountainous escarpments at Farin Ruwa Falls.




www.naijatreks.com- One of the villages near the falls.


www.naijatreks.com- Another village near the falls.

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    1 of the most fascinating waterfalls in Naija: they call it ‘The White Smoke’…http://www.naijatreks.com/2011/02/farin-

  • Francesca

    Nice article, nice photos. Good job

  • Fahrad

    This is certainly a must see blog…good job…you should probably try adding videos of locations.

  • http://www.naijatreks.com Folarin Kolawole

    @ Francesca and Oynx007…thankssssss
    @ Fahrad…. advice already taken…check out our latest posts and see Naija locations ‘just the way they are’…thanksssss :)

  • ann-marie

    Ive been here; and its truly fascinating

  • ann-marie

    the villages are called massenger and kwam respectively.

  • http://www.naijatreks.com Folarin Kolawole

    @ Ann…brilliant…you I took those phtos and forgot to note names of the villages…farin ruwa is truely awesome. Sure you had a splendid experience when you went visiting.

  • ann-marie

    yess i did. i would visit again soon

  • http://www.naijatreks.com Folarin Kolawole

    @ Ann..that will be awesome, you can as well stretch your trip to other nearby attractions in Nassarawa State, Abuja, Niger State etc. it’s worth the effort.

  • Tomi_tega

    I was there with a group of doctor corper friends as I served in Nasarawa State. The beauty of this fall cannot be overestimated. It is indeed a pity that it hasn’t been showcased and brought to the light as one of tha most amazing sights in Nigeria! I would never forget it.

    • Folarin Kolawole

      @ Tomi Tega…so good to know that Nigerian doctors also love to take some time off to savour the wonders of nature. You should do more of that, and you’ll definitely have lots of sweet memories to keep. thanks for stopping-by.

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Tomi_tega…Farin Ruwa waterfalls is truly an amazing sight…we will keep telling the story until the world knows abut these great tourism potentials…things will surely get better in Naija. We have hope!

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  • Tim Holt-Wilson

    English author Graham Greene visited a sacred waterfall in Liberia in the 1930s. You must have many such sites in Nigeria.

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Tim-Holt Wilson …will check out the link…am sure we have such sights and even much more ;)