Shere Hills- A Charming 1,829m Pile of Rocks

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Like stacks of freshly-baked bread loaves, massive boulders of granite pile at a corner of the Jos Plateau, bedecking the skyline with the perculiar rugged semblance of North-Central Nigeria.

Some Kilometers away from the heart of Jos City, taking a turn from the main road, one is confronted by the pictursque Liberty Lake, beyond which lies the famous Shere hills. The tarred road shoots across the spill way of the dam and winds through a small settlement until its halted by the magnificent pile of weathered rocks sprawling across the entire landscape as far as the eyes could see.

The interesting poise which the boulders assume as they stand balanced on one another, constitutes the main attraction by which the Hills have held her visitors continually spell-bound, for decades since they had been discovered and opened up to the public.


- Approaching the Hills

One cannot but get amazed at the scenic heap of massive boulders climbing up to a height of about 1,829 meters above sea level- Gog and Maggog, the highest point on Shere Hills. These highest points have constituted great challenges to visitors who have flares for rock climbing. Located within the area is the Mountain School of citizenship and leadership Training center (Man O’ War Bay) where visitors are provided with Military type-adventure. The hills hosted the First All African Scouts Jamboree in 1976.

These and many more are the great sights locked away in the war-torn land of Jos. We believe and know that someday soon, the Plateau shall regain her lost dignity and glory in the tourism sector of our beloved country, Nigeria.

- The picturesque Liberty Dam


- The pile of Shere Hills

*Our exploration of Shere Hills was suddenly interrupted by a heavy rainfall. We hope to bring more and better photos next time we go visiting the magnificent hills.


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