Called to the Wilds of Ebomi Lake, Ipesi-Akoko

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You know what my weakness is. You know I can’t behold a beautiful piece forged by the adroit hands of nature, without breaking down to my knees in awe and appreciation of thee. Yet, my soul you flood with scintillating tunes whistled by the gently flowing waters of your lake; your lake, your home, sandwiched between the gently galloping landscape of Ipesi-Akoko and an enormous sky-blue-clad ridge decorating the skyline at the background.


From afar I have come, from afar I heard you glisten like a star. Glued I am staying, and to depart I dare not. To depart will be like yanking my heart away from its place, its place of satiating bliss, a place like the cupped palms of nature, reposed in the warmth of the cool and serene ambiance of Ebomi.

The ground lay firm yet soft with a thick rug of grey silt. At the lake’s bank I sit, stolen away in a flash of rapture- an irresistible rapture of the mind, a mind chained by the shackles of wanderlust. The air is pristine but cool, rustic but homely. Excited birds, clad in gaudy, yet harmonious colours chirrup from overhanging tree branches above, undisturbed by my presence. I sit and stare in amazement of the beauty sprawled before me.

Road2ebomi2  – The silt-carpeted road leading down to the lake

The waters are cool, deep and enchanting, igniting in me a fire of vigour and enthusiasm. The oppressive heat of the sun had simmered my skin for two and a half straight hours, right from Akure- Ondo State Capital where I lodged- through Akungba Akoko and Ishua Akoko, down to Ipesi Akoko. I had miscalculated the distance and had taken off late; now its about 1pm and here I am wishing I had just enough time to explore this wonderful lake.

At the outskirts of Ipesi town, a vivid sign post which read “Welcome to Ebomi Lake- Nature’s Wonderland” had pointed off the tarred main road into a dusty narrow road leading down to the lake. My Okada rider hadn’t spared me the sharp elephant grasses that profusely walled the narrow road. They had cut a series of crisscrossing lines on my skin as we sped along the edge; I hadn’t bothered as anticipations of my destination inundated my thoughts. I had been captivated by thick silt sediments naturally deposited along the road to the lake and beady-eyed traveller, I had been quick to notice the rapid change of the vegetation from a ubiquitous low shrub and high grass- type of vegetation, into that of thick and heavy forest. As if to give our arrival at the lakeside a special flavour, the okada rider had skidded to a stop with a sharp swerve of his front wheel to the right and immediately putting his left heel on the ground for counter support.

Ipesi1 – The sleepy enclave of Ipesi Akoko, where the lake is located

I had jumped off the back of the motorcycle and dashed to the edge of the lake. The vistas before me had since then held me tightly and will not let go. A massive shroud of verdant forest necklace the lake banks, shielding it from the lousy eyes of the busy world. Outcrops of granite punctuate the beds shooting out above the water surface, giving ebomi an unusual but adorable look. The cool and sating ambience seems to liberate me from all the worries and sorrows of the busy world seem to disappear, replacing the, with outlandish peace mixed with deep appreciation for the wondrous works of the creator.


Welcome to Ebomi Lake- a 1.5km long expanse of water, located in the sleepy enclave of Ipesi Akoko, along the north-eastern boundaries of Ondo State, SW Nigeria. The lake is also known as ”the bottomless lake” because of its depth which is difficult to estimate. It stretches through a distance of about 2km and is about 45m wide. According to oral history, the people of Ipesi Akoko met Ebomi Lake at Ipesi and because they couldn’t find the appropriate words to describe their curiosity about the features of the lake, they decided to call the strangely wide body of water ”Abami’, which literally means ‘mysterious’. This name, with time changed to ”Ebomi” which is the name it is being called to this day.

Ebomi2– The enchanting waters of Ebomi Lake

The lake, according to the inhabitants of Ipesi Akoko, has supernatural powers for protecting the villagers during the times of war. The lake is believed to have unseen soldiers that fight battles for the Ipesi people. It is also believed that the lake’s deities give the villagers different gifts such as children, fishes, fowls etc.

Presently, this natural haven of beauty is still under serious neglect as there no facilities put in place to cater for tourists except an isolated, small bungalow built near the banks of the lake by one of the past state governments. Common wildlife sightings around the lake which includes antelopes, bush pigs, mischievous squirrels, variety of birds and fishes etc. all give the photographer and nature-loving tourist an unlimited scope to savour.

Road2ebomi  – Two village children coming from the farm waved at us as we sped down to Ebomi lake

The natural setting and environs of the lake present a wonderful potential for resort development and location. With installation of appropriate facilities, good face-lifting and effective packaging, Ebomi Lake has the potential of becoming one of the hottest tourist resorts in West Africa. With the instalment if such facilities as good access roads, tourist chalets, wildlife reserves, water-sport and boating facilities etc. the harnessing of its economic advantages can easily be jump-started.

Even in its pristine state, a single experience of the peerless ambience of recreation and relaxation the lake has to offer will keep the you coming back for more.

Directions to Ebomi Lake:
Akure » Owo » Akungba-Akoko » Oka-Akoko » Ishua-Akoko »Ipesi-Akoko

Lagos » Ibadan » Ilesha » Akure » Owo » Akungba-Akoko » Oka-Akoko » Ishua-Akoko »Ipesi-Akoko

Abuja » Lokoja » Okenne » » Ishua-Akoko »Ipesi-Akoko

chalet – The bungalow built by the state government at the lake side





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myne@mynewhitman.com' Myne WhitmanAugust 10, 2011 at 4:37 pmReply

I can just imagine the tranquility. Nice pics!

Folarin KolawoleAugust 10, 2011 at 5:18 pmReply

Myne, it’s just beyond description. Thanks for stopping by….hope your hand is recuperating?

frames300@yahoo.com' SouljahAugust 10, 2011 at 10:55 pmReply

Mr. Naijatreks…I must say dt I was more intrigued by ur writin style b4 I cud even go further into appreciatin ur pieces on tourism.For d record,let me jst state dt as far as I hv seen on ur blog,U r livin a partial piece of my dreams and I urge u 2 kip d vision burnin.Ds country deserves more dan d average nigerian is willing 2 giv.Its reli a relieve 2 see sum1 who isn.t afraid 2 break dt vicious cycle…U R WIRED 2 WIN MAN …Cheers!!!
P.S:Wat camera specs r u usin???

Folarin KolawoleAugust 11, 2011 at 1:02 amReply

@ Souljah…thanks for the comment…exploring naija is more than fulfilling…will surely keep the fire burning…my camera is Kodak Max Z990…hoping to get something better soon.

Bedwell@willakarmazym.pl' NikkyAugust 11, 2011 at 11:45 amReply

Loevely descriptions…I wamma go there. nyc 1 Naijatreks

Ackison61@yahoo.com' Oluwasegun babalolaAugust 13, 2011 at 10:52 pmReply

Attractive photos…they birth in me the fires of wanderlust

Folarin KolawoleAugust 18, 2011 at 8:46 amReply

Thanks Olusegun 🙂

ladeadeibileke@yahoo.com' LadeNovember 11, 2011 at 2:34 pmReply

Thanks for the write up. It is my Hometown. We pray God will touch the heart of the government officials to remember us in that locality.

NaijatreksNovember 11, 2011 at 3:30 pmReply

@ Lade…its great to know you’re from Ipesi Akoko…you should be very proud of the place..such a blessed land…just as I always tell people, the only thing we can do is hope, unless we decide to take serious steps (as the private sector) towards developing these potentials…thanks a lot for the comment.

mailadebimpe@yahoo.com' MailadebimpeFebruary 12, 2012 at 5:35 amReply

are you sure Anaconda will not be in this Ebonmi lake?

NaijatreksFebruary 13, 2012 at 8:12 amReply

@Mailadebimpe… loll, well there are rare reports of anaconda in Nigeria, talkless of the Ipesi-Akoko area. Therefore, it is believed that the Ebomi Lake area is safe for tourists until any threats arise…thanks for dropping by.

NaijatreksApril 8, 2014 at 11:33 pmReply

@Mailadebimbe…loll…we don’t know if there is anaconda inside the lake ooh

ayowilson1@yahoo.com' Augustus wilson AyodeleAugust 9, 2012 at 3:00 amReply


Icyliz1987@gmail.com' Angola ElizabethJuly 18, 2018 at 4:16 pmReply

So happy to see a write up on my own home town popping here….proudly an Ipesian..#Ajongolos