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Naijatreks | “I LoVe My hOmE ToWn”- Fatai Fatoki, Winner of Naijatreks Young Writers’ Contest 2011

“I LoVe My hOmE ToWn”- Fatai Fatoki, Winner of Naijatreks Young Writers’ Contest 2011

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My home town is called Oyan. A very small area, situated in Osun State, South-western Nigeria.

My home town I would say, is an agriculturally oriented place because it consists of farmers, there we have enough food from farm products.

My home has a lot of beautiful and attractive features which appeal to both indigenes and non-indigenes and make them to always want to come visiting. However, as small as the place is, it has a nucleated pattern of settlement which is densely populated.


Despite the fact that we have few amenities, my people still survive. What a beautiful and amazing thing!! My home town does not have good roads and water, yet they get their water from the streams and use foot paths as short-cuts.

A lot of people, including my father have written on behalf of the town to both the State and Federal Governments on the provision of the aforesaid infrastructural facilities, but all to no avail. What a shame on the part of the government.

With all pleasure, I put it that my town is one of the best if not the best home town in the whole of Nigeria. Which town with no social amenities can survive for a very long time? But my people survive!

Which town can depend on only agricultural product for everyday survival? But my depend only on agriculture!

My home town, what a naturally blessed place, the vegetation, the wildlife, everything, God-fearing people in all its nook and crannies, what a place!!!

As we all know in our dear country, there is no place without its bad sides. My town also has its own bad sides. It consists of some traditional worshippers, mysterious things happening from time to time, ritual killings, people who out of jealousy and hatred kill themselves etc. But all for what, fame or power?

Well, I hope that with all I have written, both the good and the bad sides of it, my town has proven to be lovable and worthy of writing about. What a lovely place!!

I adore Oyan, my beautiful home town.


fatai-during the writing contest

Fatai Fatoki (SS2) is the 1st Winner in the Senior Secondary Category, Naijatreks Young Writers’ Contest 2011 .


*Our subsequent posts shall feature other articles written by the students.

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