Victoria Island Gone Wild: Another Bundle of Nuisance or Tourism Potential?

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monitor lizard_ajah

As I stepped out of my apartment early on a Monday morning, my heart almost jumped out of my chest as the  sight of a massive lizard with long forked tongue scurrying away from my dustbin, confronted me…“
Segun Adeyemi, Ajah, Lagos

Increasing reports of wildlife sightings within residential estates in Victoria Island, Lagos demand for urgent attention as well as a measure of preemption in order to effectively and productively take care of the situation.

Although it is absolutely understandable that these wild animals pose a measure of danger to human habitation whenever they subsist nearby, it is also worthy of note that the culprits here are not the animals, but man whom out of his tactlessness had intruded into nature’s erstwhile peaceful and pristine habitat.

Over the years, residents have been reporting encounters with crocodiles, monitor lizards, mona monkeys, parrots etc. and this recurring incidence never seem to stop. Recent reports and findings have proved that the mangrove habitats of these animals on the island have been extensively encroached upon by our careless urbanization, and the price to pay is an accelerating confrontation with the wilds which are on a quest to battle for their endangered habitat.

It is therefore, binding on us to determine if these endangered wildlife are just another bundle of  societal nuisance or a bundle of opportunity knocking on our doors.

We have seen the response of various developed countries to the challenge of man-animal contest for space in their preservation and protection of endangered wildlife habitats with simultaneous creation of alternative plans for residential allocation and in other cases carefully relocating the endangered wildlife to nearby protected natural habitats similar to theirs.

This is therefore a call on the Lagos State government to take advantage of these amazing but endangered wildlife potentials dotting our cherished Victoria Island, as a tourism resource which definitely has the ability to improve the local economy through job creation and revenue generation, as well as attract more tourists locally and, especially internationally.

Some photo reports from residents:

parrots outside the door2Diran Kolawole, a resident of Westwood Estate in Badore area of Ajah, Victoria Island, who kept a pet parrot on his veranda, heard a continuous raucous noise outside his door. On peeping through the window he found four strange parrots sitting on the metal railings near his own parrot. (Diran’s parrot- top left corner)

parrots outside the door parrots outside the door3

monitor at my borehole – Chioma Okoli, another resident of Ajah, Victoria Island, went to her backyard to fetch her dried clothes from the line only find this monitor lizard crouched beneath her overhead tank. (her apartment is probably not fenced).


squirrel on fence1
– A resident of Awoyaya area of Victoria Island, sent us this picture a beautiful squirrel who she said “often comes to play on her fence every Saturday afternoon”

squirrel on fence2

Bode Olabintan, another resident of Ajah complains of strange animal tracks in his back yard (Video):

“This is the strange visitor I have been having…what kind of animal is this one?…this one happend last night again.These are its claws/foot steps dug into the soil…this was how it moved…then it would have climbed this pillar to jump out of the compound…”



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