Amazing!!! Rarest Cross River Gorilla caught on camera for the 1st time

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Cross-river rare gorilla

A flood of mid–day sunlight inundated the forest floors of the Cameroon mountains on the eastern boundary of Cross-River State, Eastern Nigeria. The lush canopies flaunted their verdant apparels with a matching brilliance on the dry leaves carpeting the forest underwoods.

At the base of a tall tree, a team of brave conservationists had hidden a video camera trap, attempting to track the elusive Cross-River Gorilla species; and for the first time ever, the video footage of Cross River gorillas in their natural environment was captured. The Cross-River Gorillas are some of the most elusive animals on Earth. (Credit to Wildlife Conservation Society).

The photos and video below document the success of their venture- A dramatic performance by a migrating group of six gorillas:


cross-rv1 – Two gorillas walk into the view of the hidden camera.

cross-rv3 – One of them seems to be tired and decides to sit and rest beneath a big tree while the other one walks past.

- As two other gorillas approach from the rear, the seated one rises and continues to walk past. He is probably scared of the oncoming gorillas or fears to break a ‘rule of migration’. He mustn’t break the line, he’s gotta keep moving…



cross-rv8- One of the two oncoming gorillas walks faster and clears from the path of the other one, as two other gorillas emerge from another bush nearby. It seems the farthest gorilla is the strongest member of the group.

cross-rv9 – In an instant the farthest gorilla rises, beats its chest and charges with enormous speed past the other gorillas while they cringe and clear from its path.


cross-rv10 – The charging gorilla beating its chest.




Watch the the Video:

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  • Hassancortex

    glad this was on cam.. i like the video…

  • http://www.lightherlamp.com Jaycee (E.A)

    Nice one! Even gorillas know their hierarchies. 

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @lightherlamp:disqus …they’re indeed awesome creatures….thanks for dropping by :)

  • Dirankola

    Amazing !!!

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Dirankola…Thanks brov :)

  • http://myopera.com/dapxin dapxin

    who has been recording Obj and co from PDP ? :)

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      @ Dapxin..lollz