Wowed by the sun, sand and sea of the Atican Beach, Lekki

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Down poured heavy showers of rain upon the stretch of Victoria Island in Lagos, flooding the lagoon banks on its northern flank and soaking the white sands of its beaches on the southern flank. Yet, the ocean raged as usual, inundating the Naija coastline with its invigorating saline fluids- its Atlantic waters and SE trade winds. It’s one of those Saturdays in Lasgidi, and Lagosians once again trooped out to recreate and ease off the accumulated stress of everyday city work-life.

Among the numerous beaches lining the Lagos coast, the new Atican Beach Resort stands out with its flamboyant aura. Perfectly positioned in a beautiful and well accessible location, its enchanting, serene and secure environment offer every visiting tourist an experience of a lifetime. Within its confines lurk two mischievous baboons, one tied to a tree trunk and the other (younger) is allowed to roam free. The roaming baboon is about the greatest and most fascinating attraction at the Atican Beach. It will not give any visitor a moment of rest until it’s been given a part of the visitor’s food, snack, drink or any other edibles.

You bring your dog to the beach and this baboon sees it as an intruder. You set down to eat barbeque or take ice cream and the baboon makes you its latest pal. No wonder the Atican Beach has recently become the choice recreation and holiday getaway for kids in Ajah area of Lekki.


The Atican beach can be easily accessed through Abraham Adesanya Estate Road in Ajah area of Lekki. The road leading to the beach is well tarred and takes one through about 10minutes drive from Abraham-Adesanya Estate, off the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Among the numerous attractions at beach are a number of guestrooms for lodging, children play ground, basket ball and beach volleyball courts, snooker table, baboons, barbecue and àsun stands, night club, various beach side chalets, concert platforms etc.

For Lagosians who crave for solitude or fun in a natural environment free of danger, the Atican Beach resort is the place to be.

Visit www.aticanbeachresortng.com to learn more about the beach and book chalets and lodging facilities prior to your visit.


- The Atican Beach side.

Naijatreks – Volleyball Net.



Naijatreks – The Basket Ball net.

nt-atican3- Children Playground.

- The barbecue stand



Naijatreks – Tourists having fun at the snooker table.



Naijatreks – The roaming baboon having fun with the tourists.


Naijatreks- “Bros abeg gimme some ice cream naa”

Naijatreks – “So you’re begging to lick my ice cream abii?”



- The Night Club.


artc9 – Beach crab at Atican Beach Resort.



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  • Tosin Otitoju

    Can we hang out, at least once?  You guys seem like fun :)

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Tosin…thanks for the desire to come for our trips…we’re planning one that’ll be open to the public soon. You’ll definitely get an invitation. Thanks

  • Hassancortex

    folarin.. i just tweeted this.. these images bring the memories back.. and i kinda looked funny in that picture.. cant forget those snooker moments bro..

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Hassancortex…yeah yeahh…twas fun hanging out at Atican Beach…wish I played more snookers that day though. loll

  • Rindeodeyemi

    Dont even invite me for the next trip cuz i ll av been a member. WE will invite them. lol

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Rindeodeyemi…hehehe…omg…ok request automatically granted lmao…and you MUST make the next trip then…no excuses oh

  • P.Click

    Hmmm…simply captured…the Artican beach. Love the pictures…and the begging monkey..lolz

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Pclick…lol,that monkey is very very mischievous…thanks for the comment

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  • http://www.facebook.com/skychitravels Janice Robinson

    Folarin, I love your description of the African Beach Resort. It makes me want to visit to see the baboon, have a bbq, and eat some ice cream.

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @Janice Robinson…thanks Janice. i can take you to Atican when next you come to Nigeria ok..just remind me :)

  • flygirl

    hi dude! impressive job u guys have ventured into; please keep it sizzling! I tried visiting the website of Atican beach resort and that of Alpha beach hotel for bookings to no avail. could someone please shed light on what’s happening? I really need d vacation!!!

    • http://www.naijatreks.com/ Naijatreks

      @flygirl…Thanks for the compliment and the comment…am sorry for your inability to connect to the websites of the resorts…I guess it’s a temporary downtime in their servers. The Artican Beach website was active as at the time this post was published.