A visit to Igbo-Ora in SW Nigeria, the town with the largest twin births in the world! [video]

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So amazing it is to know that there is a place in Nigeria where exists the largest population of twins in the world. This place is Igbo-Ora, small village in Oyo State, south-west Nigeria, where more twins are born in Igbo-Ora than anywhere else on earth and that there are just few households who do not have at least one set of twins in their family.

This has also been shown by birth statistics which stated that there are 158 twins per 1,000 births in Igbo-Ora, while in Europe there are five twins per 1,000 births. The village of Igbo-Ora has become popular all over the world for this interesting occurrence. The people of Igbo-Ora attribute the predominance of twins in their land to their indigenous Àmàlà and Ìlasà meal. Àmàlà is a popular morsel meal made from yam powder and is popular within the SW region of Nigeria, while Ìlasà is a special okro soup indigenous to Igbo-ora community.

According to medical director of the local Olugbon Hospital, Rasak Tijani, the delivery of twins in the local community hospital is a routine procedure. He also explains that, although people in other local government areas in the area eat the same food as they do and have the same culture and practice, yet the rate of twinning is different. However, consultant gynaecologist Donald Imosemi at Nigeria’s biggest medical institution, Lagos university teaching hospital, believes that food may indeed play a part. Extensive studies on multiple births have been conducted, showing that yams contain the chemical gonadotrophins, which helps women produce multiple eggs.

However, one of the local residents said that it was difficult to raise his twins because they need twice as much attention. “You’re now faced with providing two things for two people. So definitely you’re going to spend so much for the two of them. Nevertheless, Head Chief Adeyemi believes that twins should be worshipped. He believes that it is a sort of honour to be called “Baba or Iya Ibeji” (Father or mother of twins) “because they are a special breed from God.”

Although the people of Igbo-Ora are very proud of their heritage and are very welcoming to visitors, however, they complain of low tourist visitation to their community to celebrate their twin children.

Source: BBC World, BBC

The video below documents the interesting visit of Titilayo to Igbo-Ora. Titi is a popular white lady who lives and schools in Ibadan, SW Nigeria and speaks Yoruba language fluently.


tworld1(photo source: www.taiwosworld.blogspot.com)


tworld2 – Twin children at Igbo-Ora (photo source: www.taiwosworld.blogspot.com)

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image – A stone pillar at the entrance of Igbo-Ora community, welcoming visitors to the village (source: BBC world)


Titilayo’s interesting visit to Igbo-Ora:


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irokeifa@gmail.com' Omo ObaOctober 23, 2013 at 7:15 pmReply

I thought Asejire in Ibadan has more twins…

NaijatreksOctober 23, 2013 at 7:22 pmReply

@Omo Oba…..well, statistics show that Igbo-ora has more…and I still wonder what it is with their ilasa soup that increases their potential for twin birth loll.

Lightherlamp@msn.com' Jennifer A.October 25, 2013 at 11:47 amReply

The Ilasa soup reason is very funny. This post was very enlightening.

NaijatreksOctober 31, 2013 at 5:15 pmReply

@Jennifer…the soup reason is indeed hilarious…but the people believe in it soo much.

koumargue@ymail.com' Idohou AlexisApril 16, 2015 at 11:18 amReply

Good Morning
I want to visit Igbo-Ora because my grandfather comes from Igbo-Ora.Is there a hotel in Igbo-Ora?Give me the name of a hotel in Igbo-Ora.Thank you.

Naijatreks | Upcoming Adventure Hiking Trip from Naijatreks: Oke-Ado Mountain and Igbo-Ora Town… Place Your Booking Now!!!November 6, 2015 at 6:08 pmReply

[…] is a place in Nigeria where exists the largest population of twins in the world. This place is Igbo-Ora, small village in Oyo State, south-west Nigeria, more twins are born in Igbo-Ora than anywhere else […]

olawumij@yahoo.co.uk' Olawunmi yinkaNovember 25, 2015 at 7:30 pmReply

Proud to be from IGBOORA. Am a son of an Idowu(junior of a twin) and myself father of twin. I already have
three cousins who are father or mother of twins. @Idohou Alexis hotels in Igbora include Heritage hotel on Rest house
and Farmadez guest house in Idere.IGBOORA IS ACTUALLY 25mins drive from Lafenwa end of Abeoukta.

As per your grand father being from there. Give me the details you were told and i ll link you with your roots.
we have different quarters in IgbOORA, Which one are you from?

If you are serious about visiting …Let us make it december. You will have great fun i promise.i will be home from
24 to 27 december…email me if u need to ask any questions.

Name is YINKA OLAWUNMI work with Immigration and i am a core indigene of the town.

abgnigerialtd@live.com' BisiOctober 11, 2016 at 8:24 amReply

Morning Yinka,
please am planning to train some staffs at the oyo state college of agric at igbo ora, and was wondering what nice hotel i can lodge at that would entertain about 35 people in separate rooms.