Watch this Amazing and Amusing Cultural Dance at Nike Art Gallery- the biggest Art Gallery in West Africa

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Nike Art Gallery which prides itself as the biggest art gallery in West Africa hosted visitors at her prestigious three story gallery in Lekki on 20th February. The guests were treated to an amazing and amusing cultural dance by the gallery’s cultural troop.

The cultural display began with the entry of the canoe dancer, made up of three men, dressed in white robes with golden Aso-òkè caps and bead necklaces. The three men are joined together by a roughly elliptical wooden structure, wrapped with a flowing robe which is coloured with the Nigerian flag. Each of the three men held canoe paddles with their hands and hung fishing trap nets on their shoulders. They danced round the ground floor of the gallery, displaying various paddling styles and fishing styles.

The canoe dancing presentation was followed by the entry of three female dancers, garbed in white bùbá tops and golden Aso-òkè wrappers, holding a small hand-woven basket in hand. They danced and gyrated feistily around the gallery  like the seductive rocking and swaying of a cha-cha dancer’s belly chain. The female dancers were in turn followed by the entry of male dancers, dressed in flowing aso-òkè coats. The cultural display was followed by a tour of the big gallery.

See below for photos and full video of the cultural dance and gallery tour.

Naijatreks_nikeartgalSMW4 – The canoe dancers performing the paddling dance style.

Naijatreks_nikeartgalSMW3 – The canoe dancers ‘pleading with the god of the sea to provide bountiful harvest of fishes for them’.

Naijatreks_nikeartgalSMW5 The canoe dancing presentation was followed by the entry of three female dancers, garbed in white bùbá tops and golden Aso-òkè wrappers.





























See full clip of the event below:

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