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Naijatreks | Lagos Carnival 2014: The Ikoyi Road Show in Photos

Lagos Carnival 2014: The Ikoyi Road Show in Photos

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Lagos Carnival 2014_30_Naijatreks


The city of Lagos glowed in the flames of excitement on Saturday, 19th April, 2014, as Lagosians and foreigners took to the streets of Ikoyi, Victoria Island to watch countless beautifully dressed troops of dancers as they parade in their regalia. Apart from religious gatherings, the Lagos carnival is the first and largest gathering in Nigeria where I will see people of different races, irrespective of social class, come together and have fun together in a mutual way without paying a fee and without fear of oppression or insecurity.

The Carnival represents the real spirit of Lagos which is a spirit of prosperity; and the event essentially recreates the age long tradition of Brazilian Lagos as pioneered by Brazilian returnees Emancipados. during the annual carnival, all the six educational districts in Lagos are well represented at the parade, featuring areas like, Ikeja, Ketu, Agege, Ifako- Ijaiye, Ikorodu Ogba, Isolo, Surulere, Odi- Olowo, Mushin, Ilasamaja, Oworonshoki Awoyaya, Addo Langbasa, Epe and Badagry, as well as the traditional Fanti groups of Campos Lafiaji, Epetedo and Oko Faji.

The whole Awolowo Road in Ikoyi area of Lagos was shut down. Falomo bridge thronged with parked vehicles of people who were initial driving past but couldn’t resist the charm of the street party happening on Awolowo Road (just beneath the bridge) and therefore had to pull up to join the fair. The entire Awolowo Road was lined with throngs of by-standers which was composed of Lagosians of various origin, Nigerians and foreigners, Britons, Asians, South Americans,  adults, children, rich, poor, area boy, area girl, drink hawkers, barbecue and suya sellers etc. all waiting eagerly with phones and cameras raised high to capture and film the various carnival bands as they dance past. Everyone wanted to capture the memorable moments and share with their Family and Friends. The dancers wiggled and swayed to the music played by their private truck-mounted disk jockeys, amusing and entertaining their spectators who cheered, clapped, booed or frolicked playfully in response to the melodious music.

There was a judge’s stand somewhere along the stretch of the Awolowo road where each band stops to make a major presentation to impress the judges, before marching on. The whole road show, which kicked off from Falomo Round-About at about 10:00am, proceed till late in the afternoon and culminated at Tafawa Balewa Square and Campos Square in Lagos Island where Oritse Femi, a popular guest artiste entertained the massive crowd. However, at this moment, the winner (band) of this year’s carnival has not yet been announced.

See the road show in photos as well as the full video below:

Lagos Carnival 2014_4_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_5_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_12_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_13_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_14_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_9_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_10_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_11_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_8_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_3_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_22_Naijatreks

… largest gathering in Nigeria where I will see people of different races, irrespective of social class, come together and have fun together in a mutual way without paying a fee and without fear of oppression or insecurity.

Lagos Carnival 2014_31_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_32_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_35_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_34_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_33_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_1_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014 barbecue_6_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014 barbecue_7_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014 tribal mark _6_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_2_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_18_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_20_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_17_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_15_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_16_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_19_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_21_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_23_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_25_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_24_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_44_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_45_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_46_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_27_Naijatreks – Judge’s Stand.

Lagos Carnival 2014_26_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_29_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_37_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_36_Naijatreks – Spectators posing for photos with one of the mascots.

Lagos Carnival 2014_38_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_39_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_40_Naijatreks

Lagos Carnival 2014_41_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_43_Naijatreks


Lagos Carnival 2014_42_Naijatreks

Photo Credit: @sheedy407

– The whole parade culminated at Tafawa Balewa Square (above) in Lagos Island where Oritse Femi, a popular guest artiste entertained the massive crowd [Photo Credit: @sheedy407]

Click here to See Full Video of the Ikoyi Road Carnival!.

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you posted all that just for me? thanks :)

NaijatreksApril 23, 2014 at 7:57 pmReply

@Tosin…. hahahaha…yessss! all that, just for you alone 😀' Tunji AladeApril 23, 2014 at 8:57 pmReply

This actually happened in Ikoyi last weekend? Very unfortunate I missed
it; but thanks Folarin, guess I’ve made up for the loss with Naijatreks images. Thanks again for being there for us :)

NaijatreksApril 23, 2014 at 11:43 pmReply

@Tunji….awww. Thanks my bros. Am so glad the photos brought you a measure of the actual experience at the Lagos Carnival… hope to do better next year :)