Nigerians Must begin to Learn the Culture of Wildlife Conservation! Na every Animal for Bush Person dey Kill Chop? [See Photos]

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Wildlife poaching in Nigeria1_Naijatreks

Recently, while driving along Ilesha-Benin express way, southwestern Nigeria, I drove past this point and whatever caught my eyes made me pull to a hard stop. I decided to reverse and take a better look. Along the road side, a Mona Monkey killed by a local bush hunter was hung on a wooden stake with its head upside down, along with some other small animals for sale. This is a very common sight along expressways in Nigeria. Also, sometime last year, I spotted numerous stands along Port-Harcourt-Warri road (popularly known as East-West Road), south-south Nigeria, at which indiscriminately killed crocodiles, monitor lizards, turtles and monkeys were peddled.

In Nigeria, Yoruba people call wildlife “Eran Ìgbé” (bush meat) and it is generally regarded as a highly priced delicacy in many parts of the country. No doubt, man must eat to survive, and meat is a good source of protein nutrient to the body. However, the deliberate depletion of our ecosystem just for the sake of satisfying our voracious carnal cravings must be prevented and fought against if we must ensure a healthy and balanced ecological environment.

Therefore, if you must kill 10 monkeys in Nigeria, then you must be ready to provide 30 infant monkeys to replace them in the wilds; and if you must kill 5 elephants in Nigeria, then you must provide 15 infant elephants to replace them in the wilds. These awesome animals have enough natural hazards endangering their survival in the wilds, we do not have to contribute to the threat. This is therefore another call to the Nigerian government and NGOs specialized in wildlife conservation to rise to the challenge of fighting this terrible culture of indiscriminate killing that is so much prevalent in the country.

It is bad enough that the existence of forest Elephants in Idanre and Owo areas of Ondo State has become a myth, simply because the killing of the species was not properly controlled and monitored back in those days. Therefore, we might begin to record more extinct amazing wildlife species if we do not rise to stop this terrible culture. Our great grand children deserves to see a healthy and balanced environment, not the relics of a once-vibrant planet, simply because of the greed and imprudence of their forefathers.

Wildlife poaching in Nigeria1_Naijatreks

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Photo Credit:  David Oluwakayode Adelowokan Photo Credit:  David Oluwakayode Adelowokan


Photo Credit:  David Oluwakayode Adelowokan Photo Credit:  David Oluwakayode Adelowokan

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