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Naijatreks | Through the Belly of Eredo in Ijebu Land

Through the Belly of Eredo in Ijebu Land

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Sungbo Eredo_poetry_Naijatreks


Your mysteries are forever locked within you,

Enveloped in your green cocoon,

I can’t help but wonder the hands that dug you,

How carefully they worked, crafted and steered you.


Were they slaves or free born?

Did they use their bare hands, metal or wooden tools?

Did they sing or silently trudge through your brown womb?


I slogged through you, enthralled by your allure,

Metre after metre of dark brown leafy floor,

The air pungent with Nature’s decay odour,

I looked out for the creatures that indwell you,

Then I beheld the cunning burrowers that aerate you,

Your green hands brush me as I walk through,

Giving me a helping hand where I could trip and tumble.


Your heart, so pristine and pure,

Verdant, fertile, illuminated by the fingers of the tropical sun,

Broad canopies soaring above, held rigid by struts of luxuriant tree walls,

The serenity you bestow cuts deep to the soul,

Briefly broken by the thumps of our boots,

Sungbo Eredo, I can trek the entire length of you and never discover all the mysteries you hide within your womb!

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1 comment:' ChachangiJune 27, 2014 at 8:22 pmReply

Nice poem. I like the creativity with which you guys do your write ups. Keep it up.