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Naijatreks | Photos from our Recent Small Group Hiking Trip to Oke-Ado Mountain and Igbo-Ora Town, Oyo State

Photos from our Recent Small Group Hiking Trip to Oke-Ado Mountain and Igbo-Ora Town, Oyo State

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Oke Ado_Oyo_19_Naijatreks

The day started out beautiful and sunny; and despite the fuel scarcity in the bustling city of Lagos, nothing could dampen the mood we were in. We were all so happy to get out of Lagos for a day, away from our busy lives, breathe the fresh air of the countryside and do what we love to do the most: travel, meet new people, learn new things and have amazing fun doing it all. Typical of our trips, the women outnumbered the men and we had quite the number of photographers. Cameras were whipped out and we got the ball rolling with pre- take off shots. We left our rendezvous point at 6.50am. Rapports were immediately formed and soon we were swapping travel stories. As diverse as we were in our profession, it was obvious that we all had love for travel and adventure.

Hours later, we finally got to the sleepy town of Ado Awaye in Oyo State. A wrong turn gave us a moment to take a beautiful shot of an old leafless tree. Such was the pull of its sheer magnitude. Enthusiastically, we continued our journey to the foot of the mountain where we met Mr. Adediran Adesegun, the old custodian of the mountain trail. Being an older man, he got Victoria, a young lady from the town to be our guide. Sticks were brought out and medical conditions were verified and we eager beavers were on our way. Soon groans could be heard as we climbed uphill maneuvering our way over the broken uneven steps. Intermittently, stops were made to catch breaths until; finally we made it to the first point. The Ishaga Rock formation was picturesque as always with the white material from a previous ritual at its base. We took moments to catch our breath, and after recovering went about taking pictures. The view from above was awesome and inspiring. There was excitement to see such beauty at the end of an intense climb. Everyone acquiesced that they underestimated the intensity of the climb as expressed in the dossier.


On our way to Ado-Awaye (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).



Going through Abeokuta city, Ogun State (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

Oke Ado_Oyo_01_Naijatreks

As we arrived and stepped out of our bus, right at the foot of the mountain, we couldn’t resist the charm of the beauty that stood imposingly before us.


(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

Oke Ado_Oyo_04_Naijatreks

“Let’s do a little crazy and cool poses before get hiking!”


Oke Ado_Oyo_03_Naijatreks

Onward to the Iyake suspended lake, the climb was slower with more rests but quite the time for bonding and to enjoy and appreciate the view we would never get to see in Lagos. Clicks were constantly heard as the photography enthusiasts kept seeing treasure troves of Nature’s creativity. The sun was high and everyone expressly tired, we made an effort to get to the elephant tree and then it was back down the hill. At the foot of the hill, there was exhilaration at the success of climb. We said our goodbyes to our host and faced the town of Igbo Ora renown for multiple births.

We met up with our guide but unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. The twins from the household we visited were shy and refused to take pictures with us despite our cajoling. We figured we couldn’t at leave the town without tasting the soup said to be responsible for the profusion of multiple births. Our guide took us to a bukateria (local restaurant) for a taste of the famous Ilasa Soup. We had such a great time bantering with the villagers. Following a full day of activities, we were on our way back to Lagos at 4:15pm.

Oke Ado_Oyo_02_Naijatreks

Stretching and getting ready to start the arduous hike up Oke-Ado Mountain.

Oke Ado_Oyo_05_Naijatreks

Checking cameras, digital storage and batteries… just to make sure everything is well set for the adventure!


(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

And the hike starts…


Into the forest and up the hills we go! (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah)


Oke Ado_Oyo_06_Naijatreks

Oke Ado_Oyo_07_Naijatreks

Oh yeah! We loved the landscape that unfolded before us as we ascended the granite mountain… it gave us more energy to keep up with the challenging hike.


(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

Oke Ado_Oyo_08_Naijatreks

After almost an hour of a pretty challenging hike, we had to stop and rest…

Oke Ado_Oyo_10_Photo by Edidong Amama_Naijatreks

(Photo Credit: Edidong Amama).

Oke Ado_Oyo_09_Naijatreks


Oke Ado_Oyo_11_Naijatreks

Chatting and having fun while resting.


(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).


Then we got up and continued along the steep trail…

Oke Ado_Oyo_14_Naijatreks



Beauty on our hiking trail (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).


Our first stop was the mystifying  Ishagi Rock…


Ishagi Rock  (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

Oke Ado_Oyo_15_Naijatreks



(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).



(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

… and we got to the popular Iyake Lake

Oke Ado_Oyo_17_Naijatreks

Resting on the banks of Iyake Lake.



Iyake Lake (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).



At Iyake Lake (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

… and we also got to the mysterious Elephant Tree

Oke Ado_Oyo_21_Photo by Edidong Amama_Naijatreks

(Photo Credit: Edidong Amama).



(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

Finally… we got to the top of the mountain!!

Oke Ado_Oyo_12_Naijatreks

Yayyyyy… We made it!



(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).



(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).Oke Ado_Oyo_18_Naijatreks

Here, we were chilling at the mountain top, taking in the searing heat of the sun, the whistling refreshing wind and the overwhelming beauty that sprawled before our very eyes.



(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).


Oke Ado_Oyo_13_Naijatreks



Oke Ado_Oyo_20_Naijatreks

Our female tour guide! She was amazing.



Mr. Adediran Adesegun, the old custodian of the mountain trail
(Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).


Oke Ado_Oyo_22_Photo by Edidong Amama_Naijatreks

And that is me, leading the group up the mountain (Photo Credit: Edidong Amama).


And me again Smile (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).



…and back to the bustles of Lagos City (Photo Credit: Chibuzor Okobah).

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LOVES IT!!!! Didi sent a message afterwards telling me how much fun she had. Yay, someone joined you guys cos of moi!

NaijatreksDecember 4, 2015 at 4:10 pmReply

@Berry…haha! We didn’t know she was from you. Thanks so much Berry! You are the best 😀' TosinSeptember 7, 2016 at 10:59 pmReply


GHIDHEHORN@YAHOO.COM' GIDEONSeptember 7, 2017 at 2:56 pmReply

waoo! this is lovely….gonna like to join the team on the next adventure
Pls put me at heart