Ignorance – A Militating Factor against Nigerian Tourism

Published- Financial Standard, October 20, 2003. p.8 After spending much time following the programmes of such foreign television stations as SABC Africa, I was stunned to discover that they have over eight programmes a week that deal with subjects as tourism, travels and cultures in South Africa. This shows that awareness is one major factor…

The Allure of Ebomi Lake

The Allure of Ebomi Lake

Published- Weekend Hope, 13th March, 2004. p.20 Situated in the pristine forests of Ipesi-Akoko enclave, are the marvellous waters of Ebomi Lake, flowing gracefully below the dense canopies of verdant forests. The lake, located at Ipesi-Akoko, is also known as ”the bottomless lake” because of its depth which is difficult to estimate. It stretches though…