At Naijatreks, we care about the environment, and we aim to promote wildlife and culture conservation, as well as responsible tourism in Nigeria. Naijatreks Foundation has undertaken a number of projects in the past, some of which are still on-going till date.


The Discovery
On the 16th of May, 2003, a community of  terrapin turtle species was discovered in Akure, Ondo State capital, Nigeria; subsisting in a harsh and unusual habitat- gnammas (large holes with water) on massive granite inselbergs (granite hills). The Akure landscape is a typical inselberg landscape especially around its northern outskirts. This area falls essentially on the southern fringes of Ikere Batholith (the entire cluster of gigantic hills between Akure and Ado-Ekiti area).

Shortly after the first discovery, another gnamma within the same area was discovered to contain a community of these same species.

Since then, there have been various efforts to bring to the knowledge of the state government, the presence and the endangered state of the species. These efforts have
also ended in futility due to government’s insensitivity and lack-luster attitude to the subject of tourism and conservation of natural resources in the country.

During the past seven (7) years, the species and their habitat have been closely monitored and their behaviours carefully observed. This was the major inspiration for Nàìjátreks Foundation. We are determined to ensure the successful protection and conservation of these wonderful animals and their habitat.
We shall use this platform as an avenue to publish our observations of the Akure terrapin’s behaviors, the nature of their habitat as well as their relationships.
Also, we shall keep you constantly updated on the steps we are taking to achieve the successful completion of the Akure terrapin conservation project.

Updates on the Akure Terrapin Project:
Naijatreks Discovers Rare Turtle Species in Akure, Ondo State

Endangered Terrapin Turtles Discovered in Akure, Nigeria

Akure Terrapin Habitat is Drying Up!



The Discovery
Sometimes in early 2003, we got a report from one of the locals that there are some amazing and ‘strange’ caves and rock formations located somewhere in the forests bordering Akure town (Ondo State capital) on the north. We decided to conduct a number of exploration trips to this region which proved successful as a number of awe-inspiring rock formations and talus caves were discovered (www.naturesexpressions.netfirms.com).

Since then, efforts have been made to alert the State government on the existence as well as the tourist potentials of these beautiful rock formations. We have also conducted numerous guided tours for small groups to these caves in a move to make the public a little more aware of the site.

In recent times, new plans and strategies are been crafted to take this project to the next level as these site are presently experiencing serious human encroachment.


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I have some Two Terrapins In My Possession Too.!
I wonder If They too are endangered.!
ShoulD I send Their Pictures.?