A letter from a mùmú to a mùmú
By Folarin Kolawole 

mumu (Àlàbí lives in Ikole-Ekiti village and Àsàké
lives in Ikare-Akoko village)

Àsàké mi òwón,

My baby,
My honey,
The only sugar in my tea,
The only cockroach in my wardrobe,
The only mosquito in my room,
The only butter on my bread.

Without you,
I cannot sleep,
Without you,
I cannot eat,
Without you,
I cannot drink,

Because of you,
I can jump from a tall iroko tree,
Because of you,
I can swim the whole Òkun pupa.

Hardwork, I will work my farm,
At harvest, I shall earn plenty cowries,
To Lagos,
I will take you,
In Abuja,
I will build you a house,
To Aménrica,
I will take you,
In Lomdom,
I will buy you a land.

Àsàké mi,
As it is doing me I can’t explain,

It is like the taste of fresh palmwine,

It is like the smell of fresh ègúsí soup.

Àsàké mi,
My mùmú button you have found,

Àsàké mi,
My mùmú button you have pressed.

Èmi ni tìre ní tòótó,
– Àlàbá, òníshu.

(Full poem at http://naijatreks.com/2011/01/a-letter-from-a-mumu-to-a-mumu/)


By Folarin Kolawole


ar away in Africa,
Trickles of crystal clear water,
Exuding from a crevice on a rockface.

A thin rod touching the earth,
A thin rod touching the skies,
A rod of glistening lustre,
The baby was christened Òsun.

With the energy of a new born,
Droplets fled in fright from the plunging cascade,
Frigid carpets of verdure recieved their deluge.

A cloud of mist and vapour romancing its plungepool,
Sniffing gently at a rose of rainbow he gave her.

Seep by seep,
I escaped from the bulging pool,
Slowly creasing down a steep channel,
I gathered momentum,
I sped like wild fire along rocky beds.

I tumbled sometimes,
Into rapids,
I rumbled sometimes,
In cataracts,
I fell sometimes.

In a plunge I cannot be bound,
In a fall I choose to rise,
I foresee an Atlantic ahead,
I cansee my home ahead,
My destiny beckons at me,
My destiny is my destination.

The Atlantic my destiny,
An expanse framed in freedom,
Freedom to dream,
Freedom to freely live my dreams,
Freedom to live my dreams for free.

Even in the stymieing chains of these creeks,
I choose to live free,
I live free…
because my destiny is just beyond this delta of dreams.

spaceIn Isarun Land, So Far Away
By Folarin Kolawole


Source: www.wallpaperswide.com

n Isarun lands, so far
hid a timeless orifice
A hole so stygian, inside like the night
A tunnel, ensconced in granite
Air so light, its heart, without life
Temperatures at 40deg Fahrenheit
In past times, gave life, its shelter
11,200 B.C; a home for Yoruba man
So old, far older than Oduduwa
Alack!Liars told us…we’re from Arabia
Na wa!

This cave, so elusive like an abalone
Though narrow, but high its throws
Reposed in a cocoa grove
Alone, so bold, its pose
Our history, it holds, we probed, it told
In silt sands spread below
Lay its numerous gemstones
Chalcedony and flint, as big as the toe
edges as sharp as a hoe…
tools for people of old.

White on the rocks, ashes like snow
from fired pots…we were told
to this, the cave,its name owned:
”Iho Eleeru ni o!”

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I have a dream
By Folarin Kolawole

© www.onlineinvestingai.com

have a dream.
The trendiest hut of the village, I strive to acquire.
Although, the cowries to buy I have not.

I have a dream.
The Oòni’s daughter, a must to marry.
Although, the cowries for bride price I have not.

The company of the village aristocrats, I strive to belong.
Even if I have to borrow an agbádá to gain acceptance.

I have a dream…

It was a dream…a life it has become.

I have a dream…
I call it a dream, yet it takes away my daily earnings.

Another affluent man, to the villagers I seem.
Some envy me; some even wish they were me.

In the village square, the damsels admire me.
Yet, borrowed damask and Òfì fill my rickety closet.

My shame, with those I owe they pile.
Lies and tricks, my best friends become.

Although, sweet the waters of ostentation.
Yet, deep within, a fool’s dream it feels.
On this, my fears amass.


My life… a life or a mirage?

This question my future asks me.

Palpitations of a Thracian Heart   
By Folarin Kolawole

Captured and enslaved
Yet, unbounded was I- my fate

Enslaved and slaved
and in their arena, condemned, a thousand faces on me they preyed

Challenged and scared
Yet, the blood of their toys I smeared

My Thracian blood unstained
My Thracian blood enraged
Their Ludus, I hate
My Ludus, their slave
with Bathiatus, my gain

Against Crixcus
They placed me
Against him
They aimed me
Against him
They framed me
But by "the Shadow"
They blessed me


Their best, I best
Their rest, I test
This lesson, I sent:
This lesson they learnt:
The Thracians, they never rest,
In chains, they can’t be kept!

(Inspired by the movie Spartacus)


The Elasticity of a Celestial Bulb
By Folarin Kolawole

mall it seems,
Yet so humongous.

Rays so sharp,
They pierce the dawn like the sword of Excalibur.

Rays so bright and galetic, burning with fierce fire…
Spherically robing like the spikes of a forest porcupine.

With the strength of a Pegassus’s gait…
Across the celestial plains, it glides.

At dusk it falls,
At dawn it rises,
Centuries back…
It fell,
It kept rising.
Last night it fell,
This morning it rose.

The elastic bulb,
Never relenting,
If it’s here falling…
It’s there rising.
Indomitable resilience like the faith of Aragon;
Undaunting confidence like the aura of Archilles;
Rambunctious celerity of strut like that of the Yankari Lion;
Sublime effervescence,
Indescribable vivacity,
Ever smiling,
Ever shining.

Eons ago…
It soars up high, its swagger flavored with the nobility of a centaur,
Its colour, its aplomb ever the same…rising on greater echelons of grandeur.

Oh! What an enigmatic pulchritude!
Milky Way’s cynosure,
Perfected exemplar of hope…

My mentor, the sun!


Zephyr’s Touch
By Folarin Kolawole

Zephyr blow on me,

With ease wheel away my reeling ills,

My teeth creak/my ribs crick,

Imbroglios and imps of high degrees hit me like zeppelin in adiabatic wind,

Life reeks,

Week by week I’m ill at ease,

My heart bleeds,

My blood’s frigid,

My knees twinge,

My eyes are bleary,

My mind is hazy,

Weak like wick without heat,


I am sinking! Zephyr…Oh Zephyr!

Thy touch satiates like dispersions from sapphire,

Caress my parky skin like mild cream,

Deal my ills and I’ll burn with zeal,

Like feasts of garnished meals with sprigs of parsley,

Like seas of green leaves at the break of spring,

My mind shall beam and sing like a frisky young steed,

Brim my till with bills and I’ll peal with vim like kings on lofty seats.

Zephyr…Oh Zephyr!

…Hasten thou thy able arms and hoick me from this ocean of quagmire!

The beauty of Sunset
By Folarin Kolawole

A friend once said…

“There’s no difference between sunrise and sunset…

…because this sun is rising somewhere else!”

And the thought rises:

Sunsets and sunrises,

Time goes and another one comes,

The grave opens up to swallow a life…

The womb opens up to release a life,

One leader falls…

Another one rises,

Afro once came…

Now it’s low-cut’s fame.

Everything is in a cycle,

Infact, said it, the bible.

The air we breathe,

The food we eat,

The water we drink,

The trees we see,

The wind we feel,

The money we spend and work so hard to fill our pockets with.


So… relax,

Because when you’re sad,

It is a cycle!

And when you’re very happy,

Remember, it is a cycle!

Maybe it’s your turn today,

Tomorrow, it may go another’s way.

It was someone’s turn  …and then it was yours.

All goes in turns!

It goes in turns!


Owá Cave- The House of a Thousand Bats
By Folarin Kolawole

Entrance to Owa Cave, Idanre, Nigeria.©naijatreks

Beneath a massive outcrop,

The earth opens wide its buttocks

Like a torn mouth, it farts the odour of bat’s guano.

Across the gloomy expanse,

Mini vampires parade the air like vultures around a cadaver.

Regarded as King among the numerous ‘Iho’ in the city of inselbergs,

Yet so humble it reposes in the solitary canopies of Onipepeye enclave.

An ambience of fear mixed with awe and wonder embrace my sweaty skin,

This aura so stymieing yet so hying:

”A night that didn’t fall in my presence,

How do I tread its gloomy darkness?”, I ask myself.

Dogged and undaunted I proceed,

Its stygian recesses swallow me.

Like the sword of Excalibur, sharp rays of sunlight pierce the expanse from a distance,

Splashes of thick treacly substance smear boulders of granite,

To touch, I dare not,

To sit, I fear much.


In the belly of the gloomy aviary,
Its inhabitants,

They greet me with ecstatic calls,

Their melodies, mixed with the sound of rushing spring waters exuding from within the cavern…

Escalate my rising admiration,

My admiration of this awe-inspiring work of nature…

Dexterously crafted by an enigmatic potter.

A mysterious piece of art He did make,

Latched away in a mountainous jungle,

The lush jungles of Idanre- the city of Inselbergs.
(Owá Cave is located in the pristine forests of Idanre Hills, Ondo State, Nigeria)

An encounter with the Unknown!
By Folarin Kolawole


An encounter with the unknown!

It’s form, a ‘thickly’ shroud,

It’s form i failed to know,

It’s form would not unfold,

It’s form, a mist and smoke,

So close, so bold, on it’s own,

So bold, it stood so cold,

I felt drawn like I was being blow.

Maybe it is a mole from satan’s grove!

…could it be so?

The feeling seemed to grow,

I froze to my sole!

I feel like I am en-roped,

I moaned… and groaned with hope it’ll go,

I wished it’ll leave for a mo’

Suddenly, it disappeared like a fading halo!

I don’t think any seed was sown,

I know my God is on the throne,

…and when I’m lost He’ll lead me back home!

Demise By Folarin Kolawole

We do not know when it creeps in,

No one knows its schedule,

Neither is there one who knows its time table.

It will most likely come when I least expect it,

It may be one of those days of heat.

…when I’m most down,

Tired and beaten by the mid-day sun!

It may even be one of those times I’m bubbling with excitement,

…rejoicing at a recent success or achievement.

Or may be when I am most proud and pompous,

…feeling on top of the world,

…feeling I’ve achieved all I want,

Caring for nothing at all!

Infact, it may be…

…It may be anytime…

…even right now!

Yours may be nearer than you think.

The longer we live, the more demise we see.

The longest-lived amongst us shall witness the most demise!

Life is short!

In short, a long life will ever and always be a life of loss!


A Statement of Faith
By Folarin Kolawole

Source: www.that1960chick.com

I beheld life and its cruel face,

So long he has held me in his chains,

He has climbed his tree beyond the leaves,

And if he serves into my hand…

His nose my whistle shall be.


I am High

am high!

Does it actually fly me higher or dyes my life darker?

I am high…

I feel like I’m in the skies,

But for real…it pulls me…

Farther from the tracks of light!

They tell me a little won’t kill…

Infact, they say some ill it heals,

But, for real…it is little little that fills us to the brim and takes away all the bill…

It comes with different names…

Adverts everyday telling sweet tales…

Disguised in veils to achieve its deadly aim…

Funnily, they work! Great sales through decades bringing-in large bales.

I found myself too in its zoo…

…zooming on its flume to deeper pools.

I used to think I can never get glued.

But I was a fool.

Look! I think I have a clue!

The truth lies in the great Book…

…calling it a mocker…

It makes our eyes flicker like a lighter…

There and then we ‘feel’ it takes us higher…

Only to find out later that it has not made us any better!

Don’t think I’m a blabber…


Choose thee the wiser swagger…

And dagger thy haughty shoulders.


So that thou may dwell longer

In thy maker’s lounger!

I pray I do not falter…in this wine matter!


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