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Aba Cave in Akure: A great potential, yet unknown

Aba Cave in Akure: A great potential, yet unknown

Massive sheets of weathered granite slide off a big rock, and forms a cavity at its base. A cavity, so beautiful and so rare, it strikes you with an unbeatable awe; and with every look you cast in its direction, it pulls you closer as you marvel in adoration…. and the people call it “Aba…

Naijatreks ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’… (Let’s See how much you know about Naija)… Q1. Now What is the Name of this Cave?

In Isarun land, so far away, Hid a timeless orifice, A hole so stygian, inside like the night, A tunnel, ensconced in granite, Air so light, its heart, without life, Temperatures at 40deg Fahrenheit, In past times, gave life, its shelter, 11,200 B.C; a home for Yoruba man, So old, far older than Oduduwa, Alack!Liars…