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Arinta Waterfalls- Gushing Cascades, Five Jolly Lagosians, Easter Break!

The distance was long, the time was short, but we wouldn’t be daunted by these, including the rugged slopes of Effon Ridge!   Five we were, friends we are and Easter Break 2011 it was. We set out to explore some of the natural wonders of South-West Naija and Osun-Ekiti-Ondo area was our target zone….

New Waterfalls discovered in Effon-Alaaye, Ekiti State

A 10m plunge of raging limpid waters was recently discovered tucked away in a remote corner of Effon Ridge near the town of Effon-Alaaye, Ekiti State. Gracious plunge of pristine spring waters, hard to miss yet so hard to find; lost for decades, now discovered and thrown in the lime light. Known records of tourist…