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Victoria Island Gone Wild: Another Bundle of Nuisance or Tourism Potential?

Victoria Island Gone Wild: Another Bundle of Nuisance or Tourism Potential?

As I stepped out of my apartment early on a Monday morning, my heart almost jumped out of my chest as the  sight of a massive lizard with long forked tongue scurrying away from my dustbin, confronted me…“ –Segun Adeyemi, Ajah, Lagos Increasing reports of wildlife sightings within residential estates in Victoria Island, Lagos demand…

Hunting with the Mona Monkeys of Niger Delta

Another big creek swell came up fast and silent, morning sunlight dancing in the skies flashed on its face. Rolling fast to my left, it lifted and dropped my eight-foot dugout canoe with the smooth motions of an elevator. I heaved a loud sigh and amidst the multitude of bird chatter around us, my two…

Endangered Terrapin Turtles Discovered in Akure, Nigeria

On the 16th of May, 2003, a community of  terrapin turtle species was discovered in Akure, Ondo State capital, Nigeria; subsisting in a harsh and unusual habitat- gnammas (large holes with water) on massive granite inselbergs (granite hills). The Akure landscape is a typical inselberg landscape especially around its northern outskirts. This area falls essentially…