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A Ballad for the Showers of Olumirin

It plunges with seven drops, Its streams, they fall with thundering rush and loud thuds, Down the lush and steep walls of Effon Mount– Robed in verdant brushes of verdure, Giving the frontiers of two states their perfect line of division.   The crystal clear waters, so pristine, Exuding from lofty heights of quartzite, In…

Sunshine on My Feet: Ikogosi Warm & Cold Springs, Ekiti

Sunshine on My Feet: Ikogosi Warm & Cold Springs, Ekiti

I stretch my legs apart, It forms a great divide, Between two pristine and limpid shawls Of enchanting warm and cold founts”   Like a new born baby, my left feet is romantically pampered; pampered by the mild fingerings of the warm spring, while a shoe of ceaseless tickles swallow my right feet as the…

New Waterfalls discovered in Effon-Alaaye, Ekiti State

A 10m plunge of raging limpid waters was recently discovered tucked away in a remote corner of Effon Ridge near the town of Effon-Alaaye, Ekiti State. Gracious plunge of pristine spring waters, hard to miss yet so hard to find; lost for decades, now discovered and thrown in the lime light. Known records of tourist…

The Mysterious Waters of Olumirin Falls in Erin-Ijesa

The Mysterious Waters of Olumirin Falls in Erin-Ijesa

“Upon the dip of an enormous ridge, plummets a spotless river…”   The walls of the massive rock cleft through which the water flows is rugged in verdant colours, and although in the daytime the cleft is as dark as the night, the gracious vegetal canopies jutting out above allows some sunrays to penetrate, casting…