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The Wild Angalas of Niger Delta

Standing at the desolate banks of Ekinama Island, the mid-day sun overhead illuminates the mangrove and creeks, revealing the moody poise and ambience embracing the burnt vegetation on the other side. A silenced landscape looms beyond, Staked with a hundred sooth-coated lifeless trunks, underlain by a puffy mosaic of brown and lemon green grasses, Bleached…

A Peace like the Creeks of Niger Delta

The Midnight wispered across a sleepy creek, Hazy mists mute its snore, Floating lilies savour its lull, Dead Angalas tower above its banks like lonely pilars of a relic coliseum, Their grey tones are smeared in ethereal forms atop the waters. Towering above the banks, The lifeless mangroves stood with an earthly ardour, Emblazed by…

Ogonokom waterside- I see three boats, you see four

Ogonokom waterside- I see three boats, you see four

Against a blanket of a glistening dark creek, sway a trio of sawn-Àràbà punts. Arms-in-arms like three jolly friends they rocked to the silken tunes of gentle waves.It was mid-day at Ogonokom waterside, River State, Nigeria. Young men argued tenaciously under a nearby shade as two people sat, poring over a board of draft game….

Òkun pupa, my love

(This is the story of romance between an ocean and the creek waters) He beckoned at me, Mi amor, Òkun pupa, He beckoned at me. Like the waters of a geyser, Joy bubbled in my heart, Like pencil on a paper, His words inscribe on my mind. Though he called from afar, The echoes I…

Boat Reggata on the Creeks- PortHarcourt Tourist Beach

For Naijatreks, By Nseobong Okon Ekong (Deputy Editor at THISDAY Newspapers) The Port Harcourt Tourist Beach Waterfront was one of the hot spots for spectacular performances at the PortHarcourt Carniriv 2010 event. The boat regatta was a contest between the 23 local governmentareas in the state. The regatta was one of the activities that attracted…

Colours of the Delta

Published- ThisDay Newspapers, 19th Dec. 2010, p. 78. Temples smeared in crimson like blood on the Taj Mahal; eyelids swollen, eyes half-open; patches of blue and grey dotting the entire face- they were the colours of the Niger Delta. The oil painting made by Segun Aiyesan was the icon for the exhibition which was part…