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Lost in the Tracks of Owa Cave, Idanre Hills

  Rapid knocks of sunrise rap on my louver blade. The night is over again. It’s been three days, and the various events of the Orosun Festival are gaining momentum. Exciting thoughts of exploring one of the largest caves in SW Nigeria rock my mind. The people say Owa Cave is so big, it can…

Òrósùn, the goddess of the Jagged Peaks of Idanre

    Orosun, Orosun, powerful, yet humble; beautiful, yet with a barren womb. Instead of babies, the heights of Idanre land she mothered in her womb till she was laid in her tomb. Forever, like a crown, her name is worn on the highest peaks of Idanre’s great mounds. At that time when the Idanre…

Idanre Hills- The City of Caves and Inselbergs

Idanre Hills- The City of Caves and Inselbergs

Ascending the hills of Akure and looking south, one is confronted by stupefying vistas of the surrounding inselberg landscape bedecked with an enigmatic skyline of jagged peaks held in place by gigantic mountains smeared in glossy sheens of grey and silver- a cluster of intriguing inselbergs, towering high into the skies at the distant horizon….